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3, 4R, 4L, and 5 Arrow Grippers


There are 4 different sizes listed here, including the 3 arrow, 4 arrow regular, 4 arrow for larger shafts, and 5 arrow. The 5 arrow includes half moon plates which help stiffen the gripper. The 3 arrow gripper works well with Gold Tip size shafts. The 4 arrow standard or large will work with Gold Tip size shafts. The 4 arrow standard will  also work with smaller shafts, where the 4 arrow large gripper will work also with larger aluminum or wood shafts. Note: You don’t want to leave larger shafts in the quiver for extended periods of time and then try to use smaller shafts. Rubber will eventually take a set over a long period of time.

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3 Arrow, 4R Arrow, 4L Arrow, 5 Arrow


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